ADA's Active Projects List

NO. Project Name      Partner Organization Project Period Beneficiaries/target Group/
 1 Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health practices of young girls in Amhara Region through retention of girls and mainstreaming SRH activities in the school system. Packard Foundation June 2010-June 2013 60,000 school girls ;60 school clusters;5,000 teachers in 60 school cluster;120-180 Kebele, 20 Woreda and 1 Regional girls education forum 
 2 TEACH II (Transforming Education for Adults &Children in the Hinterlands) Pact Ethiopia-USAID October 2009-June 2013 2448 children (Male 2160 & Female 2294), 3922 adults (Male 2324 & Female 1598)  
 3 Family planning /Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health(FP/MNCH)  IFHP/E2A Nov.2012-Oct.2013 Reprodactive age group,children,Neonat,Youths and the community
 4 Closing the Gaps - Accelerating Improved MNH (Materna and Neonatal Health)in Poor, Marginalised Communities of Amhara Region.  Interact Worldwide/ Big lottery fund  April 2009- March 2013 1,092,776 Women and Children; 2,104 VCHWs; 989 HEWs; 2,439,345 other community Members
 5  Leishmaniasis Prevention and Control Project  WHO October 2009-June 2013  489,992 peoples living in the affected kebeles 
 6 Community Based Family        Planning/Reproductive Health Project Engender health Ethiopia June 2011- May 2013 2.2 million[ Women of reproductive age group (15-49);Men of reproductive age] 
 7 Yekokeb Berhan Highly Vernerable Children /HVC/ Support Project  Pact Ethiopia-USAID Sept2012 -Sept.2016 37919 Highly Vulnerable Children’s and eligible adults
 8  Break the Poverty Cycle through Education SCD   Nov.2009-March 2013 2,000 children, 1,260 youths, and 500 parents/caregivers
 9 Reduce Sexual Risk behaviors among Debretabor University students  IPAS Jan.2013-Dec.2013  2420 male and female students
10 Enhancing Social Accountability Approaches for Improved Services Delivery in Amhara Region (ESAISD-AR EU Jan 2013-Dec.2014  community based organizations and citizen groups, , government offices in the target woreda/towns, and farmers’ cooperatives. 
 11 Establishment of a Public library, E-Library and Resource Centre at Bahir Dar EKTTS  Jan 2013-Jna 2016 556,192 persons annually
 12 Reproctive Health Maternal,Neonatal,Child Health Project  JSI/L10Ks  Oct.2012-March 2014  A population of more than 4,963,381 
 13 Prevention & Management  of Gender based Violence UNFPA  Jan 2013-June 30 ,2014 Women and Girls residing in the 75 target Kebeles of 5 intervention Woredas

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