Membership Development Program

1.      Ada believes that its strong basement lies on its members and people. The membership mobilization program continues its effort to recruit new members and has a plan to make member all of  Amhara region people. Members who contribute their ideas, expertise, materials and finance has to be encouraged to improve and strengthen their assistance in the future by creating good atmosphere. Based on the achievements of ADA 2002 developmental coordination, we focus on membership and financial assistance increment

Main objective of membership development program for the next 5 years

    • To make sustainable income through community participation and by increasing financial capacity continuously
    •  Objective-expanding and upgrading of existing income by increasing members and community participation

Goals Of the program

Goal 1 :   At the end of 2008 E.C  4.2 million people become members by  

  increasing the current 1.2 million members by 560 thousand per year in average

Goal 2:  At the end of 2008 E.C corporate members will increase to 4,000

Goal 3:  At the end of 2008 E.C institutional members will increase to 3,000

Goal 4: Collect 568.5 million birr from personal, corporate and institutional members and use  for development

Implementing strategies

    • Creating good condition for membership development mobilization anywhere in the public through planed and coordinated way
    • Use ADA 2002 development coordination good situation all in all
    • Strength participatory developmental plan
    • Implement working system for member to contribute their expertise and service to strength their association
    • Create and strength accountability and responsibility on resource mobilization and utilization
    • Use as a best tool the meeting of member in each level for the implementation of the plan
    • Create suitable coordination to coordinate project implementation will the general ada developmental movement
    • Implement strong monitoring and evolution procedure

 Main activities of the program

    1. Recruit  new members and make them sustainable
    2. Capacity building and coordination
    3. Resource mobilization
    4. Implementing project
    5. Planning, monitoring and data collecting

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