Smiling children in splendid kindergarten block at Arbaya, west Belesa

The Amhara National Regional State Education Bureau and the people have drastically changed the access of education from cities to the inaccessible fringes. This over 100% gross enrollment rate growth keeping its stride is also considering quality of education nowadays. Among the factors that create quality of education is pre-school education. Arbaya, the main town of west Belesa was a battlefield before two decades.

Ever since the community got freedom from the brutal junta, governance not only the main town of the district, but several rural villages are getting education and health services. Amhara development association is supporter of the governmental development Endeavour  which motivated the people of the district to accomplish the kindergarten .

Mekides Worku who is a teacher in Arbaya primary school is the mother of Tsedeniya Mengaw.She expressed her feeling regarding the importance of the kindergarten “my daughter was ignoring me when I tried to help her in teaching her at home, but at this she is not only accepting my help,

she also urges me to show her what she has failed to capture in class. I was always thinking of my daughter’s well being when I go to work, but feel free at the moment since she is in a responsible Institution ‘The difference created at higher institutions for those who came from big cities and the remote districts is relatively narrowed in such new kindergarten introductions which also creates positive impact in quality of education.


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