Youth Center Construction Inaugurated

It was a pleasant day( 10/10/2005 E.C) for every dweller of Sanja-main town of Tachi Armachiho district which is 60 kilometers away from Gonder. There was foundation laying ceremony for a 40 million worth hospital construction which has gone beyond site clearing and material storage. As some opportunities are just beginning some others were in an inauguration stage after completion

Under the ADA motive entitled ADA 2010: unite for development, the dwellers of the Woreda had pledged based on their individual potential for building a technical and vocational institute and youth center . The institute was already completed last year and is on duty at the date of the inauguration of the youth center teaching different group of students engaged in surveying, carpentry and so.

Our focus among the day’s joyous incidents is the inauguration of the youth center which is constructed by Amhara Development Association body of the district. Here the dwellers of the town gave their witnesses that ADA has been their development vanguard from its inception in constructing the Sanja Masero road which had been a hindrance for the communication of the people of the two towns.

  The youth center which is entitled colonel Nakachew in memory of the late  colonel who was leading the army in the area. Under his leadership  the army contributed more than a million birr for the youth center in the motive of ADA 2010: unite for development

The center has about 4 rooms for indoor games, library, tearoom and office which needs to be furnished soon. Every body in the city is excited and takes the date as rebirth of the town. . What has ADA performed and mobilized the district People for is tangibly seen in the road contraction, Technical and vocational institute and the most recent fruit the youth center. The youth group particularly appreciated ADA and promised to be life long member of ADA.



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