Primary school expansion project inaugurated
Degola chinchaye primary school is found in Gonder zuria district, 60 kms from Gonder. Ato Gobaw Mesfin who was actively participating in the inauguration ceremony which took place in 09/10/05 E.C lives at Degola community. As our crew who joined the ceremony from Bahir-Dar where the head office of Amhara Development Association is found met him, Gobaw was really with astonishment and smile like the rest of the community dwellers.

We forwarded him certain questions regarding what he feels about the new construction. Gobaw was silent for a while to bring the remote past scenario as the school opens. He then started murmuring some words getting in to illusion about where to start.

Gobaw, then continued “it is some 25 years back that the school started with the ram shackled wood and mud built blocks at the rear. The seats of the then time pupils were stones from the fields and stools from their homes. The children were always in a hurry to flee out of their classrooms even before the bell rang.

Thanks to Amhara Development Association and a glimmer of hope foundation our children are taking their lessons comfortably. At the moment the pupils wait in their classrooms even if their teachers are out. Not only in the school construction, we are with a better service in water supply and health services. The community members have actually collaborated with ADA in every project.


Every construction was participatory. I do not think that, there is a Degola chinchaye dweller who is not a member of ADA. We are pleasant to contribute for the association due to the fact that the target is for our progress. We are just accepting ADA’s direction which emphasises ‘tackling problems on the self’. ADA is not anything alien. It is we ourselves by ourselves to our selves.


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