Dessie-ADA Coordination Office  has allocated over 20 million birr for the primary education

According to The Dessie ADA-area  Coordination Office  head  Mr. Abebaw Taddese  noted that early childhood education program is one of the focus areas of ADA in the administrative zone. According to the Coordination office report, for 382 Pre-primary schools which are found in the administrative zone over 20million birr is allocated to furnished in door and out door game Mr. Abebaw said.

Mr. Abebaw added that ADA is working as a partner to ensure the quality of education in the region, not only creating a favorable environment for children, but also encouraging them to keep their children in school, and make them more aware of their surroundings.

Jemal Abegaz, head of the Education for the South Wollo Education Department, said that the Amhara Development Association (ADA) is expanding its base of public education by expanding its pre-school education program in rural areas.

 He added that ADA had built a model of pre-schools in 172 pre-alumni schools, and said that the number of children enrolled in pre-school education has increased by 79,000 in the process. The association has built trust on society on a solid foundation.

By Addisu Mikeruye

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