Membership Development Program

The Amhara Development Association /ADA/ is an independent, non-political, non-religious, non-for-profit, non-governmental member based organization established in 1992 G.C. ADA is working to ensure the benefit of the people of the region through social development focus (education, health, & job creation) ADA has been a major public development partner for the Regional government by undertaking a number of social development projects benefiting various divisions of the region since, its founding. The Amhara Development Association (ADA) is a community based organization with a major vision of self- reliance. ADA aims to serve as a major development capacity by coordinating the dispersed resources of the population. Since, its founding of in May 1984, E.C. the number of members has grown exponentially. As a result of the efforts to increase the number of members, it has increased to 4.4 million the year 2019 from 885,605 in the year 2011. This implies that much needs to be done in terms of the development needs of the people and the number of the Amahara Population. The annual growth of its development resources from its members and supporters has increased from Birr 35 million in 2004 E..C to Birr 371.4 million in 2011,E.C. thus boosting social development support. ADA has 154 District branches in the region alone. 80% of the resources collected from members of the association will be decided by the District Branch Assembly for development in the area where they will be gathered. The District Branch Office Conference follows a decentralized and participatory process. The Branch Office Assembly is a forum where 3-5 members from all kebeles of the District and institutional stakeholders represented. It is a forum for expressing meaningful community engagement. The District Branch Office Conference will review and approve the performance of the previous year's budget plan and audit report. It is a participatory, transparent, accountable and decentralized administration and budget management system to review and plan for next fiscal year. From time to time, the practice is making a significant contribution to strengthening the association. The Amhara Development Association (ADA) is a volunteer organization. Volunteers of the Association are governed by a scientific guideline. It is a group of volunteers who, through their knowledge, energy and resources, support the association. ADA carries out all committee work, including the Association's Board of Directors. There are over 60,000 volunteers serving at all levels. It is also an association where individuals and institutions offer research, consulting and other volunteer services. ADA Volunteers are now creating awareness for the community, which we now have Face Corona Virus (COVID -19) Pandemic and prevention. In addition, they are playing a vital role in supporting the economically disadvantaged Community by delivering sanitation Materials. Alma has entered into a phase of the transformation plan. The Change Plan has been leading by led by the motto, '' Public Engagement for Sustainable Development! ADA 2012-2014’’. 2012: Strategic Change Plan is being undertaken to raise awareness for different groups and stakeholders. At the same time, significant efforts are being made to expand the association's public base and mobilize development resources. The main focus of the Strategic Change Plan is to increase the standard of school level from 16% to 50%. ADA works to alleviate the hassle in the learning-Teaching process by improving the school Standard and it is possible to save generations. In addition, income generating institutions will be established to generate reliable income for social services. working with income generating projects to create employment opportunities for over 101,000 youth in the region. Birr 21.4 billion is required for the implementation of the strategic plan. The money is collected from members and supporters of the association. To this end, during the strategic change plan, the association's target was set to increase 4.4 million to 7.2 million in 2011. It is planned to collect 16.8 billion birr from its members and supporters in the 21.4 billion development fund. In conclusion, since ADA is your organization, with a great vision for self-problem solving, we call on you to volunteer ADA at any time and place, with your knowledge, energy, money, and ideas.