Dessie ADA coordination office projects with over 10 million birr for youths.

Dessie ADA  Coordination Office Head, Mr. Aberw Tadesse, said that  ADA has enabled 1,592 youth to  owned  production and sales shad  in Zonal districts Such as Borana, Kellela, Delanta, Legambo, Mekidela, WoreAlu, Kallu and Tehuledere.

         Mr. Abebaw Taddese

 South Wollo ADA-area Office Coordination Office head  

According to Mr. Abebaw, ADA made about 10 million 592 thousand birr for a total of the above mentioned jobs.  Following to this Developmental  achievements, the contribution  Collected from members of the association has increased from  6 million  to 50 million Birr  in the fiscal year.

In the South Wollo administration, ADA  made a significant contribution to the creation of employment opportunities on top of providing Revolving fund for many youth benefit from the scheme.


 ADA beneficiaries in the rural and urban said that the association has increased the number of projects it has been taking over, increasing membership fees, on the base of volunteerism and  education, health and employment opportunities.

By Addisu Mikeruye

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