Membership Fee

Amhara Development Association (ADA) has come into being as a legal person to assist the development agenda of the people together with government and other stakeholders who have similar goal basically of the region in particular and the nation in general. Therefore, ADA has set a clear vision of what it wishes to visualize, its mission on how to state and set goals and activities to meet the desired goal and the means which basically is the resource aspect also clearly defined and ensures its sustainability too. Hence, in the case of ADA four defined sources are put in practice: the major and in fact sustainable source is membership contribution. Despite its apparent limitation, the funds raised from funding organizations, investment returns and foreign and local branch mobilizations are given paramount considerations. The membership structure of ADA has different clusters based on economic classification that includes employees of various organizations, residents, farmers, private sector, students of primary and secondary schools and other higher educational institutions. To put in a nut shell, the ownership of ADA obviously is the people themselves. The mode of membership depends on the free will of individual citizens. Of course, the inspiration goes to ADA organizers. Due to this, ADA has a task force` at directorate level to coordinate and enhance membership and accelerate the contribution amount of the people. Therefore, due to the tremendous effort made so far within and beyond the region, ADA has over 1.3 million registered domestic members in Amhara and the target areas of Addis Ababa. The mode of contribution varies depending on the nature of the clusters. For example, employee cluster has at most 0.5-1% contribution from their basic salary while members of the farmer group have 20 birr per annum.