Fund Development

The main objective of ADA is to support the development endeavors of the people of Amhara region in the areas of basic health, basic education, basic skill and other related development activities, through community participation

To achieve its objective the association has organizational structure .from this fund development program is one of the department which implement BPR and structured as core process

Objective of the program

Create sustainable income and resource for development program and to build social institution that help to elevate poverty in Amhara region to get customer satisfaction

Main activities of the program

Investigate profitable market and business plan to strengthen the existing income            generating enterprise establishing new business enterprise

Raising fund for the existing income generating enterprise and establishing new            business enterprise

Implement project to build existing enterprises and new enterprise

Implement good system to expand and upgrade income generating enterprise

Upgrade and collect income from the income generating enterprise and invent for            development project implementation

The 3 existing enterprises and one new enterprise are

Business plan of Wanizaye Hot spring Hotel

Business plan of Tis Abalima Horticuhire farm

Business plan of Bahoir Dar Printing press

Business plan of Koble Industry s/c